Farmer Philosophers

This graduation project resulted in my very first documentary and accelerated my passion for filmmaking. It was first released at the 2019 HUMAN-NATURE design conference.

I used a journalistic approach to research farmers’ perspectives on nature’s ecosystems and the influence of new technology on our future food production. 

The simple necessity of producing food has become a labyrinth that touches all that takes place on our planet. Agriculture shapes our economy, our ecosystems and our bodies. 

My 30min documentary film portrays the philosophies of farmers I met on a quest to understand what farming encompasses today. A journey which started at the place I partly grew up, a small organic sheep and goat farm where I first experienced what it means to live in line with natures seasons and cycles. My journey continued to a contrasting modern dairy farm where the use of smart-technologies is believed to enhance sustainability and animals wellbeing. This inspired me to visit a high-tech pioneering indoor farm where the founder explains how indoor farming technology could solve many problems surrounding our current food production as well as redeeming wild nature. My journey also crossed the Atlantic, I learned about permaculture farming in the Brazilian mountains near Rio where the philosophy of “working with rather than against nature” is key to success. The journey ended at an indigenous farm in the Amazon rainforest where a tribal chief lays bare the ancient ontology of farming.