In may 2010 I left school and was homeschooled since.

My homeschooling was not directed towards school exams or diploma’s of any kind, but towards genuinely becoming me. It focussed on experiencing, broadening and deepening my fields of interest.

In October 2008 until July 2011 I visited La Luna once a week.

La Luna is a consulting and enrichment class for gifted children in Maastricht.

I learned about the behaviour and actions of human beings through the method “world language”.


In August 2011 until March 2013 I went to a sociocratic school called 5+5=11

This school was from its first day, created by its students. We had to make sure that there was furniture, study materials, teachers, even the classrooms had to be fixed; everything we needed and wanted. All of this had to be decided in a daily meeting where the sociocratic system was applied. Sociocracy means that a proposal can only be adopted if there is no predominant objection and everyone consents.

This equality ensures that everyone takes responsibility for their own thoughts and actions.

We also made our own rules and punishment system.

We started permaculture in the garden, build our own tree house, organized workshops/activities, painted the classrooms, set up a school music band and followed courses.

We all worked together and learned how to use our own voice in a vote. We learned what it takes to create a new school system.

5en5is11 showed me how much can be achieved when you really work together. 


After 5+5 I went to a spiritual selfstudy school names IBBO

At this school I Followed a writing course and Started my Cambridge English LOI course.


After one year at Ibbo I went to De Schrijvers Academie from September 2014 till October 2015

A writers academy on HBO level for 18 plus but I was admitted at 14 based on the

stories I wrote at IBBO and because one of the teachers took me in.   

I followed the course “novels and short stories” and specialised in “children’s-literature”.


In February I started with the application for the bachelor studie “Interdisciplinary arts (iArts) Maastricht”.

iArts is an international four year bachelor’s programme within three years. It is part of the Hogeschool Zuyd faculty in Maastricht and focuses on creating entrepreneurial, socially engaged artists, who are capable of translating social and scientific issues into their interdisciplinary practice.